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Urban farming - size does not matter - heart does.

Who would have thought 2020 was going to bring us to this point? All of a sudden just getting milk from our local shop "SPAR" made us fearful... We have always been hopeful to "one day when we grow old and the kids are out of the house"- move to a smallholding and just live peacefully with our chickens, veggie patch, a couple of hives and of course a zen-like grow room with a view.

Well somehow we have ended up there a whole 20 years earlier than we had envisioned! So we thought "Ok let's just roll with it" and roll we have and with that being said we bring you...

Fish Hoek Farms Pty Ltd

Living - Wholesome - Harvest

We learn every day and we have decided to just try everything - from making our own beer, rum and brandy, to growing our own food and making our own cheese. We have LOTS more to try and we can't wait to share it and talk to you about it and of course the best part of it all - to enjoy the fruits of our labour!

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