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Recipes for busy farmers: Introduction

So this blog will be filled with great recipes for those days when time is not on your side, you don't have time to shop for ingredients and you can't afford to stuff up supper, or bakers day or a last minute guest. I need to add, I am not a cook. I have a husband that makes amazing food and my late mother was also a real farm cook that could make anything from scratch AND it would simply be divine!

So needless to say having to cook or bake anything makes me nervous and gives me sweaty palms to say the least... My cooking phobia has however not gone unnoticed by my mom, husband and mom-in-law - bless them. Over the years they have passed on "don't panic" recipes, which were either made into quick flash cards, handwritten on the back of an old envelope or in a quick Whatsapp. These recipes are cherished by me and my children - after all there is nothing that cheers you up like something delicious to eat.

I know these recipes will come in handy and will save lives (hangry fights are the worst), do spread them far and wide, share the joy of good food made without panic.

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