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Beekeeping with farmer Crecilda - Beehive Move

When you are a new beekeeper you always start off by going with what you have been taught and what all the "must-have" books tell you when it comes to beekeeping. Even more so when it is something you haven't actually done before. But these days fellow beekeepers have gone to the internet and are sharing their tried and tested methods with the world - which we LOVE - sharing is caring after all! So needless to say this video shows you how farmer Crecilda moved 3 hives for a client. Catch was they were moved further than 1 meter but closer than 5km. Farmer Crecilda found this method on the internet from a beekeeper site The site is worth a visit and we found quite a few other videos on the internet with beekeepers applying the same method and quoting the same website. So now that we have "tried and tested" this type of move a few times with success - it is time to share this knowledge with you!

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